Chris Jacke, Green Bay Packers 1989-1997 and Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame Inductee Class of 2013, began Player Alumni Resources, also known as P.A.R. 13, in 2013 to keep the history and tradition of Green Bay Packers players alive for generations to come. The mission of Player Alumni Resources is to increase the interaction of Alumni Green Bay Packers players and Wisconsin sports celebrities with Wisconsin communities, organizations, and fans of all ages.

Chris Jacke, along with Alumni Packers players, aspire to create memorable golf outing events, speaking engagements, appearances, charity events, fishing excursions, and more! Spend the day with our team and relive those magical moments in Packers' players history that have shaped the team and players of today. Take home autographs, experiences, and a lifetime of memories from every Player Alumni Resources event!

Connecting our stories of yesterday with your memories of tomorrow. -Chris Jacke #13

Speaking Engagements Featuring Former Packers Players

Feature Alumni Green Bay Packers Players to educate, entertain, or engage your group. As former Packers Players and sports professionals/personalities, our team excels at speaking engagements on topics including leadership, teamwork, discipline, achieving your goals, and more! Appearances, autograph signings, and speaking engagements featuring our incredible crew of alumni bring a brand-new level of excitement and engagement to your events!

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Golf Outing Charity Events Featuring Former Packers Players

Golfers! Impress your friends and colleagues - have Alumni Green Bay Packers Players join your next round of golf or golf outing. Appearances by some of the greatest names in Packers history (over 20 members of our team are proud members of the Packers Hall of Fame) may just be the dose of “celebrity” your corporate golf outing or annual charity events need to drum up added interest!

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Fishing Trips & Other Appearances Featuring Former Packers Players

Create memories to last a lifetime for friends, family, and co-workers by bringing Packers Players along for the fun! Our alumni players take immense pride and pleasure in sharing their personal memories and football experiences with you and your guests! Have Alumni Green Bay Packers Players join you on your next fishing adventure to create an unforgettable experience on the water.

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Event Appearances & Speaking Engagements Featuring Former Packers Players

Contact us to schedule Alumni Green Bay Packers Players for your next corporate, private or charitable event! With decades of incredible experience overcoming adversity, rising to the challenge, and achieving the pinnacle of success in the sport, the Packer Players with Player Alumni Resources are the ideal choices for appearances at charity events, autograph signings, speaking engagements, and more!

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Create Your Own Alumni Green Bay Packers Players Experience